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Enviro-Block™ El Niño Applications

Enviro-Block™ El Niño applications include:

Concrete Blocks

inter-Block Retaining Systems Inc. is the licensed manufacturer of the Enviro-Block™, a two ton (4,000lbs) inter-locking, stackable pre-cast concrete block.

Temporary Retaining Walls

Enviro-Block™ is perfect for both permanent and temporary applications. The installation of this system is very fast and requires a very short learning curve with a small ground crew and a machine operator.

Retaining Wall Design and Engineering

We are a complete turnkey solution provider from concept to completion, providing engineering /design and a certified Enviro-Block™ licensed installation contractor. No job too small or too large.

Retaining Wall Analysis

For your next earth retention, flood control, security or any other wall project, contact us for a free preliminary analysis. Our expertise is unsurpassed as our knowledge in large concrete block gravity wall projects is unmatched.

Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental retaining walls are modular block retaining walls used for vertical grade change applications. Our segmental retaining walls are generally designed and constructed as gravity retaining walls (conventional). The system consists of dry-cast concrete blocks that are placed without mortar (dry stacked) and rely on their keyed interface and mass to resist overturning and sliding. Block to block interfaces include friction, shear elements, and interlock. The systems may also employ soil reinforcement that extends into the backfill and allows for the construction of walls with significant height (e.g. in excess of 50 ft (15.24 m)) that could not be accomplished with the blocks alone.

Segmental Retaining Wall Gravity Blocks

Segmental retaining walls are considered flexible structures. SRW blocks are manufactured in conformance with industry standards and specifications to assure that units delivered to a project are uniform in weight, dimensional tolerances, strength, and durability—features not necessarily provided in site cast materials.